Our business is operating normally

In a short time, the coronavirus epidemic has fundamentally changed the world, people's daily lives and working life. The adverse effects on the economy and the operating conditions of businesses and organizations are already significant and immediate in many sectors.

ManpowerGroup has prioritized the safety, health and well-being of its staff as soon as information about the coronavirus situation began to emerge. We have switched to telecommuting wherever possible and paid special attention to the safety of our offices. We have separately informed our customers and our staff working on the impact of the emergency.

We work with modern technologies and digital platforms to meet and serve our clients and jobseekers virtually. We believe that we will be able to find solutions that enable us to provide reliable personnel solutions even in the current market situation.

The ability of companies to operate in many industries is now particularly dependent on the rapid availability of staff, high quality recruitment, the ability to leverage flexible resources, and the ability to adapt to market changes. Thanks to our extensive service portfolio, we are able to support employers in a variety of ways, both in the current exceptional situation and when it is time for new construction and growth.

When you need solutions, advice or sparring in a challenging situation, we are at your service. Contact our experts by calling 020 1700 100, filling out the contact request form, or by mailing directly to your contact person.