Our CSR work

Our core business has always involved offering people support to help them find work and giving people opportunity to provide for themselves.

We look at people's own individual potential and driving forces, and then we work on the basis of what our customers need to create a match which will promote both the company's business and the needs of the individual. And for people who still have a way to go before they enter the labour market, we use our knowledge and experience to find them jobs based on their skills and abilities.

Our commitment to producing a positive impact on individuals and societies puts social responsibility at our core and is an extension of our values:

  • Respect for individuals and communities and the important role work plays in people's lives

  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable workforce practices

  • Seeking innovative ways to develop socially inclusive work environments for the long term

  • ManpowerGroup connects people to tools, opportunities and training that enable them to find meaningful employment, support themselves and their families

  • Our social responsibility principles and practices advance our focus on the world of work:

  • We serve as a bridge to employment for all - linking the disadvantaged and disenfranchised to opportunities that help them survive and thrive

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