Here's your chance to present yourself in the best possible way

  1. Greet everyone in the room with a firm handshake, and remember to maintain eye contact with everyone throughout the interview.

  2. Look interested and engaged, maintain eye contact with the person speaking and ask relevant counterquestions. You can make notes during the conversation if you like.

  3. Be yourself and be honest. Don't embellish your positive aspects, but focus on the things you are actually good at.

  4. Listen carefully to the questions and try to stick to the subject when you reply without getting hung up on unnecessary details. Try to speak as naturally as possible. If you need to think about a question, take a moment. There´s no rush.

  5. Ask the questions you prepared and don't be afraid to ask if there's anything you haven't understood during the interview.

  6. You can ask what the company considers important about the job.

  7. Don't badmouth your previous managers or workplaces.

  8. You don't need to negotiate everything during your first meeting, you can save salary and condition negotiations for later.

  9. Don't be afraid to end the interview by asking about the next stage of the process and what your chances are.