ManpowerGroup surveyed over 41,700 employers across 42 countries and territories for our annual Talent Shortage Survey.

The research identifies the proportion of employers who report difficulty filling positions in their organization. It reports on which jobs employers say are most difficult to fill, and identifies candidate shortcomings that are preventing employers from filling positions. Employers are also asked to gauge the degree of impact talent shortages have on their organizations and which strategies they are using to overcome the skills gap.

ManpowerGroup asked employers across the globe to participate in our eighth annual Talent Shortage Survey. The survey is intended to reveal insight into the following issues:

  • If employers are experiencing talent shortages in their respective organizations

  • If they are reporting shortages, which positions do they find most difficult to fill

  • Why open positions in their organizations remain difficult to fill

  • How talent shortages are impacting the client-facing abilities of their organizations

  • What steps employers are taking to align talent management practices to secure the skills their organizations require.

ManpowerGroup surveyed more than 41,700 hiring managers in 42 countries to identify the proportion of employers having difficulty filling positions, which jobs are difficult to fill, and why. Employers were also asked about the impact talent shortages have on their organizations and what steps they are taking to address them.

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