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Manpower can help you to locate and attract the talent you need to create growth in a changing world. We understand your business, and we have the ability to reinforce it with the right competence  regardless of what you need; help with temporary extra staff, strategic staffing or recruitment. 

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  • Anne Koivusaari
    Anne Koivusaari
    Business Director, Manpower
  • Juuso Haromo
    Juuso Haromo
    Sales Manager
  • Toni Suokas
    Toni Suokas
    Head of Sales
  • Jaro Luoma
    Jaro Luoma
    Territory Sales Manager
  • Miika Marin
    Miika Marin
    Sales Manager
  • Vesa Pulkkinen
    Vesa Pulkkinen
    Sales Manager
  • Päivi Tammilehto
    Päivi Tammilehto
    Head of Delivery